Risks of Caregiver Injury in Patient Transfers

A cruelly ironic truth is that nurses and other caregivers assisting injured and ill patients often wind up injured themselves. In fact, the caregiver profession has among the highest rates of injury, with back injuries being the most common and the most debilitating. Every year, more than 10% of caregivers leave the field because of […]

How COVID-19 is Impacting the Healthcare Industry and its Workers

The one clear consensus that has emerged from this doubt and anxiety-filled time is that our society will be forever changed by COVID-19. In the recent days, we have seen a general movement toward telecommuting and digital solutions to accommodate the drastic changes caused by this global pandemic. The healthcare industry, which is arguably impacted […]

Benefits of Patient Lifts and Flaws with Existing Technologies

When you have a loved one with physical impairment or disability, care decisions become difficult. You may choose to care for your loved one at home, have help brought into the home, or place the person in a long-term care facility. Sometimes, your friend or relative ends up in the hospital for some time. In […]